10Joining advantage
  • 01.Brand advantage

    As a leading brand in the industry, Weiye Aluminium has been established for 26 years. It is based on the mission and quality policy of “Science and Technology booms weiye ,Quality makes famous brand”, and takes strategic vision of “creating time-honored weiye and develop World Famous Brand”, based on domestic and look at the world, Serve the society and giving back to the society, Weiye shares the growth value of the company with global customers, achieving a win-win situation, striving to create greater economic and social benefits, and striving to provide consumers with a green and healthy living experience.
  • 02.Production advantage|Three production bases with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons

    At present, it has owned 3 Production Base with more than 600,000 square meters, including Nanhai Shishan Production Base Area A , Nanhai Shishan Production Base Area B and Jiangsu Xuzhou production base. The company has total 83 advanced production lines, 15 environmentally friendly casting rod production lines, 8 anodizing and 8 electrophoresis production lines imported from Japan, 12 imported thermal break production lines from American Yasong technology, and 8 powder coating production line imported from German . The annual comprehensive production capacity reaches 500,000 tons.
  • 03.Research and development advantage

    Achieves ten core technology in the area such as alloy optimization, casting, extrusion, heat treatment, mold design and manufacturing, system door and window through the independent research and technical development; Weiye has nationally recognized laboratory, expert groups and enterprise technology research and development team, has total 252 scientific research results. Weiye's overall technology has reached the international advanced level in production and application, product research, product process and technology .

    04.Product Advantage | A wide range of products, quality guarantee

    Based on market demand, we create household aluminium profile and industrial aluminium profile. We have 3000 kinds of surface treatments such as Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Anodizing and Wood grain and take the lead in creating “green” surface treatment such as extinction Electrophoresis and anti-bacterial Powder coating.

    05.Promotion advantage

    More than 8 international exhibitions, and the area over 300m² no less than two times; national airport screen advertisement 240 times a day; CCTV2 and CCTV4 advertisement over 200 times each year; sponsored large-scale industry technology events and public welfare activities no less than 10 times.
  • 06.Marketing advantage

    To create a one-stop "Weiye go" network transaction service platform through integrating operators, service providers, processors and consumers, take a lead on the new retail marketing mold of choosing products online and experience products offline.

    07.Innovation advantage

    Introducing new products from time to time, creatively integrating health elements into new life, leading household building material industry to enter a new health era of formaldehyde-free.

    08.Management advantage

    Weiye participates in 1,458 customized specification standards ,covering technical, management and work areas, unified strategic objectives, branding promotion, process design, talent development, financial accounting, procurement and logistic. This shortens the supply chain, saves resources, close to the market, achieves rapid response, and reduces logistics costs.
  • 09.Customized advantage

    Weiye advocates intelligent customized marketing mode, and cooperates with the leading intelligent 3D cloud design software in China, which enables users without experience to get started quickly. We can realize to get the design sketch in 3 minutes, one-click change style, and configuration, which the consumers can experience easily. It becomes a good source to get the order at this aluminium customized household area.
  • 10.Service Advantage | One-stop service

    Weiye go one-stop consumer service management platform, Weiye team service, - Weiye aluminium Global Service Hotline: 400-8822-673,provide 24 hour service,provide consumers with one-stop service from pre-order, sales and after-sales.