• Casement Window

    he Casement window, which is the opening and closing of the casement window sash is moving in a certain horizontal direction. It has two type: push type and top-hung type. Advantage: large oping area, good ventilation, best sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. The inner opening type of window is conveniently cleaning. The Outer opening type is not occupying space when it opened.

  • Casement Door

    The casement door is higher in safety performance than other categories. It is made of relatively hard materials. So it's very convenient and safe to use. Also Sound insulation ,long service life, good sealing performance, and remarkable heat preservation, dustproof performance.

  • Sliding window

    The sliding window has the advantage of not occupying the indoor space, with beauty appearance, reasonable price and best sealing. You can push it flexibly with high-grade slide rails. Due to the large pieces of glass, it not only can increase indoor lighting, but also can improve the overall shape of the building. What's more, the sash is well-stressed and not easily damaged.

  • Sliding Door

    Pursuing simple with smooth lines and timeless charm.The shape of the sliding door is using the modern and sophisticated scientific structure, combined with the beauty of the artistic conception which can make you feel elegant artistic charm. The design inspired by the texture of nature, simple and stylish.

  • Folding Door

    With Beauty appearance, novel in style and diverse in color. The Folding door is not only convenience to use, push-pull freely, but also save the space. At the same time, it has these strong point:Light door body, light insulation, heat insulation, moisture proof, fire retardant, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

  • Outdoor Product

    In order to enjoy the sun and close to nature, the sun room is a non-traditional building made of glass and metal frames. Sunshine House is designed and built according to the needs of the place and personal preference, which sought after by nature and fashion people at home and abroad.

  • Lifting window

    Lifting window

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    Established in 2007, GUANGDONG WEIYE CURTAIN WALL DOOR AND WINDOW CO.,LTD ( here below referred to as“WEIYE Door&Window”) is a high-end aluminum alloy product of professional high-end door and window curtain wall under the GUANGDONG WEIYE GROUP. It integrates sales, research and development, design, production and installation. Committed to the development, promotion and application of system door and window, providing a full set of management and services for the supply chain of aluminum alloy door and window.
    Establishing the benchmark of the curtain wall door and window industry, WEIYE Door&Window always advocate "green energy saving", "livable residential", "fashion elements", "smart and convenient". With "high quality", "specialization" and "professional" as the project standards, it is manufactured strictly. WEIYE Door&Window Introduces intelligent professional production lines such as Germany and Italy, adopting European door and window system technical performance equipment technology, advanced design concept, high-precision R&D team, exquisite production technology and perfect service system. Aluminum alloy products include curtain wall system, sunshine room system, energy-saving door and window system, railing system, etc., providing users with a full range of aluminum alloy products such as home, sunshade, anti-theft, anti-mosquito, energy-saving, low-carbon, intelligent control.

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    Products’ Systematization

    WEIYE Door&Window System is a building system that meets the set performance and quality requirements for engineering design, manufacturing and installation. The overall composition of materials, construction, door and window forms, technology, and performance elements.
    WEIYE Door&Window meets modern life style with high quality, high performance, energy saving and beautiful appearance.
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